Donate to Reduce Violent Crime

With your donations and membership fees, the FBISTLCAAA donated $1,000 towards the purchase of anti-theft devices for cars. A special thank you to an anonymous and generous member who matched our original $500 donation. The donation will pay for devices for roughly four blocks of houses in south city as St. Louis Metropolitan Police goes door-to-door throughout the year to meet with residents. The goal is to help prevent vehicles from getting stolen and used to commit violent crimes.

St. Louis Cardinals Redbird Rookies Health Fair

FBISTLCAAA had a booth at the St. Louis Cardinals’ Redbird Rookies Health Fair on June 23rd. We engaged more than 550 children with temporary tattoos, stickers and activity books while parents learned about the FBI Child ID app and FBI internet safety program for 3rd to 8th graders.

Firearms Safety

The FBISTLCAAA held a firearms safety events for members.  A local Police Chief gave an insightful keynote speech on how he would reinvent law enforcement in today’s age to better serve the community.  Afterwards, members were invited to use the simulation shooter or live fire range.

Violence Prevention Commission Outreach Event

Members of the FBISTLCAAA participated in a Violence Prevention Commission outreach event on Saturday, June 9.  The mission was to go door-to-door in the Walnut Park neighborhood to: (1) hear directly from families about the specific resources and basic supports they need; and (2) connect families to resources immediately or through ongoing follow-up and community events.

Volunteers placed door hangers with details about how to access common social services for any unanswered doors. Volunteers also provided customized United Way 211 cards for community members to help them access services. Volunteers worked with 211 staff on-site to help connect community members with resources for immediate needs.

Orlando Pulse Nightclub Presentation

The FBI gave FBISTLCAAA members a behind-the-scenes look at the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting from an investigator’s standpoint.  Participants learned how the situation unfolded, the suspect’s behavior before and during the event, and the challenges law enforcement encountered throughout the investigation.  It was a very insightful overview of the horrific event and tremendous response and support from local and federal law enforcement.   In addition, the FBI recognized three out-going Board members (George Wilder, Norm Appelman, and Rick Heinrichs) for their self-less service to the FBISTLCAAA Board and helping the community.

Northwest Academy of Law

The FBI St. Louis office taught a 7-session course on Introduction to Law Enforcement to 10th graders at the Northwest Academy of Law High School in St. Louis from February 27, 2018, through April 17, 2018.  The students learned through the practical exercise of investigating a bank robbery, and FBISTLCAAA volunteers helped by playing the role of a key witness or assisting with processing a crime scene, etc.  In addition to teaching the ins and outs of investigative work, the teaching team showed students the various careers in law enforcement available to them and a path to get there.  The graduation event was May 2. Of those who graduated, four students (randomly chosen by drawing) won tablets that the FBISTLCAAA donated.

Board of Directors Applications Received!

We had many outstanding candidates apply for positions on the Board of Directors to help make a difference to our community. We are thrilled to receive such a positive response.   The Board is currently reviewing the applications and will be in touch with all applicants this month (May).

Classic Car Event

On April 28, 2018, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police and St. Louis County Police took 30-40 middle schoolers to view classic cars where the FBISTLCAAA had the opportunity to attend and engage with them while enjoying the car show.