SAC Introductions & FBISTLCAAA Board Elections

The FBISTLCAAA Board met the new FBI St. Louis SAC Rich Quinn, whereupon everyone discussed how the FBISTLCAAA can help our community. These ideas will be discussed at further length and translated into actions throughout next year.

Elections were recently held for Board Members and Officers, all with term start dates of Dec 1, 2017. The Board Members are as follows: Christy Moreno, David Brickhaus, David Wren, Dr. Randy Gray, Gary Chan, George Wilder, Joe Malec, Norm Appelman, Richard Heinrichs, Rufus Moore, Travis May, and Victor Salguero. The Officers are as follows: Gary Chan (President), Travis May (Executive Vice President), Joe Malec (Secretary), and Christy Moreno (Treasurer). Details can be found on the About Us page.