SAC Introductions & FBISTLCAAA Board Elections

The FBISTLCAAA Board met the new FBI St. Louis SAC Rich Quinn, whereupon everyone discussed how the FBISTLCAAA can help our community. These ideas will be discussed at further length and translated into actions throughout next year.

Elections were recently held for Board Members and Officers, all with term start dates of Dec 1, 2017. The Board Members are as follows: Christy Moreno, David Brickhaus, David Wren, Dr. Randy Gray, Gary Chan, George Wilder, Joe Malec, Norm Appelman, Richard Heinrichs, Rufus Moore, Travis May, and Victor Salguero. The Officers are as follows: Gary Chan (President), Travis May (Executive Vice President), Joe Malec (Secretary), and Christy Moreno (Treasurer). Details can be found on the About Us page.

FBI Teen Academy Graduation

The FBI Teen Academy Gradation was held at the Northwest Academy of Law public high school to recognize sophomore students that completed weeks of training provided by FBI St. Louis agents and professional support personnel.

During the event, school Principal Ms. Valerie Carter-Thomas thanked the FBI St. Louis field office for continuing this program, and she thanked FBI Special Agent Matt Brummund for his work in “making a difference” in the students’ lives.

FBISTLCAAA Board Members celebrated by attending the graduation. A special thanks goes to the following: (1) Board Director Dr. Randy Gray of the Radiant Life Church in Festus, MO, for providing Samsung tablets that were given to four graduates in recognition of completing classes, (2) Board Director Rufus Moore for providing the graduation cake, and (3) St. Johns Bank for providing school supplies.

Mission SAVE

On September 30, 2017, the community outreach event was held and met the goal of hosting community conversations with youth, parents, community leaders, and law enforcement about the challenges we face and our shared responsibility to create positive change.  Mission SAVE (Strike Against Violence Early) is a federal, state, and local law enforcement initiative in St. Louis.

FBISTLCAAA Board Members Rufus Moore, Jr., and George Wilder attended and participated.  Thanks to a donation by a member who wishes to remain anonymous, the FBISTLCAAA was able to provide food and refreshments at the event.

Golf Tournament Raises Money for Charities

Donations were raised to benefit charities at the 36th Law Enforcement Golf Tournament hosted at the Norman K. Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park. This tournament is held in honor of slain FBI Agent L. Douglas Abram. Donations benefit the Agents Memorial College Fund and Missouri Special Olympics.

We were honored to have former American football player Aeneas Williams give a guest speech. Everyone in attendance had a great time!

We are thankful to all the golfers, sponsors, contributors, and volunteers for this event. Thank you for your participation and continued support!

Trip to D.C. and Quantico

As part of the FBI Citizens Academy program, graduates had the opportunity, at their own expense, to take a two-day behind-the-scenes tour of FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Graduates learned about special agent training, ballistics, behavioral analysis (commonly known as profiling), and the history of the FBI.

Join the Board of Directors!

Make a positive difference to our community, and join the FBISTLCAAA Board of Directors! If you would like to be considered, please submit your application.

You must be a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy to be eligible. The application must be completed in full and forwarded in accordance with the instructions included within the application.

Present and previous Board members who would like to be considered for another term on the FBISTLCAAA Board of Directors should complete the Re-Election form.

The deadline for submission is Friday September 1, 2017. Approved applicants will be notified. Presentations and voting will take place at the annual meeting on Sept 8, 2017.

Election Application Packet

Re-election Application Packet

Dr. Randy Gray Receives 2017 Outstanding Service Award

On Sunday, July 02, 2017, Board Director Dr. Randy L. Gray, Senior Pastor of Radiant Life Church received the FBI St. Louis Citizens Academy Alumni Association 2017 Outstanding Service Award for his dedication and support of the St. Louis Chapter.  He received the award during Sunday morning worship service announcements with family, friends, and the congregation.