Chasing the Dragon

On March 24, 2019 (Sunday), the FBISTLCAAA sponsored a joint DEA and FBI event held at Festus 8 Cinema to raise awareness about opioid abuse. The goal of showing Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict is to help people understand the critical components of opioid addiction – how easily it can began, the downward cycle that ensues, followed by tragic consequences.

FBI SAC Rich Quinn and DEA SAC Bill Callahan explained their desire to provide information, resources, and support to communities beyond the City and County of St. Louis. They also strongly encouraged the attendees who the packed auditorium with the following: (1) To engage with resources made available at the event if they know someone who may need help. (2) To show the documentary to others, especially in high schools. Anyone can watch the 50-minute documentary online:

After the showing, the executive director of NCADA moderated a panel discussion with FBI, DEA, Jefferson County Drug Prevention Coalition, COMTREA, and an individual in recovery.

See more about the event as published in a local periodical, Leader Publications, titled: Opioid addiction film delivers powerful message.

Additional information and support resources:

Stop the Bleed Seminar

By Larry Christopher – FBISTLCAAA life member

On February 20, 2019, representatives of the FBI St. Louis office; Dr. Stephen Liang, MD; and members of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital emergency room staff provided guidance on how to respond to mass casualty events to members of the FBI St. Louis Citizens Academy Alumni Association.  Presenters agreed that run, hide, and fight remains the recommended approach for dealing with active shooters.  They explained how those in danger should interact with law enforcement during an event: police are there primarily to secure the site and neutralize the shooter(s), not to rescue or interact with victims.  Stay clear of them, and do not engage except to respond to commands or provide information.  At the end of the seminar, all those present participated in a drill that reinforced what was learned.

The seminar also addressed how to deal with the wounded following a mass casualty event.  Statistics show that a large percentage of deaths at these events are from blood loss following wounds to extremities.  Those deaths, Dr. Liang stressed, are preventable.  Recognizing this, the American College of Surgeons, the FBI, and others created a protocol known as the Hartford Consensus which makes stopping bleeding the highest priority following shootings, explosions, and other similar events.  Medics and emergency room personnel at the seminar explained principles of trauma care response and presented different procedures to stop the loss of blood.

Tour of FBI HQ and Academy

The annual Citizens Academy trip to FBI Headquarters and FBI Academy took place on September 26 – 27, 2018.  Graduates also visited the Pentagon and the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.  This year’s trip was held jointly with fellow graduates from FBI Chicago’s Citizens Academy.  A total of 36 people attended.  The tours were free, but travel, meals, and lodging were at each attendee’s own expense.  The overall mood was excitement, amazement, and awe as all were simply honored that the FBI would invest so much time into us and the tour.  There was plenty of conversation and laughter and times of solemn introspect during various parts of the tours when there were stories of lives lost in the line of duty.  The “FBI Experience” exhibit at Headquarters was a highlight as many expressed what they observed.

National Leadership Conference

FBISTLCAAA members attended the annual FBI National CAAA conference Sep 5-7, in San Antonio, Texas.  Attendees networked with counterparts and learned about the remarkable work that CAAA chapters are engaged in across the country.  The FBI presented  the Las Vegas shooting investigation and a public corruption investigation in the Washington, D.C. area.  Our Chapter donated a basket of St. Louis BBQ goodies for a silent auction.  Overall, the conference helped build relationships and provided everyone with new ideas to create value for chapter members and their communities. Next year’s conference will be held in Houston, Texas.

Donate to Reduce Violent Crime

With your donations and membership fees, the FBISTLCAAA donated $1,000 towards the purchase of anti-theft devices for cars. A special thank you to an anonymous and generous member who matched our original $500 donation. The donation will pay for devices for roughly four blocks of houses in south city as St. Louis Metropolitan Police goes door-to-door throughout the year to meet with residents. The goal is to help prevent vehicles from getting stolen and used to commit violent crimes.

Northwest Academy of Law

The FBI St. Louis office taught a 7-session course on Introduction to Law Enforcement to 10th graders at the Northwest Academy of Law High School in St. Louis from February 27, 2018, through April 17, 2018.  The students learned through the practical exercise of investigating a bank robbery, and FBISTLCAAA volunteers helped by playing the role of a key witness or assisting with processing a crime scene, etc.  In addition to teaching the ins and outs of investigative work, the teaching team showed students the various careers in law enforcement available to them and a path to get there.  The graduation event was May 2. Of those who graduated, four students (randomly chosen by drawing) won tablets that the FBISTLCAAA donated.

Board of Directors Applications Received!

We had many outstanding candidates apply for positions on the Board of Directors to help make a difference to our community. We are thrilled to receive such a positive response.   The Board is currently reviewing the applications and will be in touch with all applicants this month (May).

Holiday Happy Hour

FBISTLCAAA and 2017 FBI St. Louis Citizens Academy Graduates gathered for a holiday happy hour at Yaya’s Euro Bistro.  Besides enjoying food and each other’s company, the Board results were announced and awards for past work were given.  Further, Norm Appelman, Chair of the Life Membership Committee, awarded the Life Membership pin to 12 of the attendees.  We congratulate and commend their support of the goals of our Chapter. We hope other Life Members, at some point in the future, have the opportunity to accept their pins and for other members to join as Life Members.